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19:00 - 21:30
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The presentation is for founders and communication officers who want to improve on their social media channels but just don’t know how, as there are so many other things to do. So I will provide you with helpful hands-on advice on how to improve your social media channels immediately and how to bring your online marketing to the next level.

- boost your facebook fanpage in 10 easy steps
- social media strategy done right in a nutshell
- Is my product ready to be marketed? First steps on facebook marketing and how to make the best of a small budget
- get inspired and learn to think out of the box of your usual online communication and marketing routine

Sometimes, social media channels were started without or with no overall strategy. Others did have an actual strategy. However, it got lost between (offline) marketing goals or merely the need to create sales. The presentation will give you advice on how to realign those goals. We will talk about how to use your resources as efficiently as possible to make both sales and social media communications happen.

Once your strategy is aligned, we can care about taking your online marketing to the next step. If you have doubts about whether your product is ready to be marketed online, come to the presentation and discover ways you haven’t thought about yet. If you started to market your product with ads but could not grasp the success, join the presentation to learn how to strategize your online marketing approach. Most start-ups are rather tight on budgets, especially for paid ads – we will sort out your possibilities and best steps to make the most of your money.

All in all, just use the possibility to get inspired and learn to think out of the box of your usual online communication and marketing routine. We will work with some examples of the public and I will do my best to have all questions answered if your example could not be discussed in the presentation.


Marcel Weyrich has a background as a YouTube creator and social media strategy consultant to the German government as well as the private sector. Academically, after a Bachelor of Social Sciences at University Cologne, he fulfilled his Masters in Political Strategy and Communication at the University of Kent. With Brains of Social Media, Marcel Weyrich’s now pursues to help public institutions and companies in their social media communication goals and online marketing proficiency.