the startup city on the Rhine

With over 420 startups, Düsseldorf has a very lively and fast-growing startup scene and offers ideal conditions for building and scaling new businesses. The Startup Portal is the central contact point and acts as a signpost for the startup community. It provides information on events, a blog, the Startup Journey and Startup Directory – in short, a comprehensive overview of the startup ecosystem and support services available in Düsseldorf.

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International events & Blog

We provide articles on matters of interest to Düsseldorf startups and international entrepreneurs as well as the Startup-Week Düsseldorf and the Digital Demo Day.

We advise & support startups

The Startup Unit of the Office of Economic Development Düsseldorf points you in the right direction and helps initiate contacts in the Düsseldorf startup scene. What phase is your business in?

Start your Startup-Journey

The ideal city for startups

Düsseldorf has the ideal infrastructure for startups or established corporates, for newcomers on the domestic market or investors from abroad, for sole traders starting a new business or team players, however long they need support – for a day, a year or longer.

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We are the Startup Unit of the Office of Economic Development Düsseldorf and provide information on the Düsseldorf startup scene. We act as a business enabler for SMEs and larger corporates.

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