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We act as signposts and business enablers in all phases of your startup.

All our activities are geared towards one outcome:
improving the basic conditions for startups in Düsseldorf.

In Düsseldorf, there are numerous initiatives and projects such as the Startup Week, our financing events or concepts such as Co-Founder Matching and internship placement as well as the promotion of young entrepreneurs.


We support you in finding the right business partners.

Find contacts in our network to discuss any questions you have and the challenges you face.

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The Startup Journey provides you with an overview of the startup scene and the numerous support services available for startups in Düsseldorf.

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From the first step into a foreign market to setting up production, from customs issues with imports and exports to export control – at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Düsseldorf you can get the information you need for every phase of your international business.

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Our team

Your personal contact persons are:

Theresa Winkels

As Head of the Office of Economic Development and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Digital Innovation Hub Düsseldorf/Rhineland and the Düsseldorf Innovation and Technology Centre, I am delighted that Düsseldorf is positioned as an international, business metropolis with a high quality of life, dynamic economic power and an efficient mix of industry, services and startups. You can count on the support of the Office of Economic Development.

Daniel Adler

As Head of the Startup Unit, I am responsible for the strategic development and improvement of the basic conditions for startups in Düsseldorf as well as our cooperation with external partners. In addition, I advise startups from the life sciences in particular, and focus on customer discovery and startup financing.

Teresa Bähr

Do you need the support of experts to develop your idea further? I can help you there! I am not only part of the Startup Unit but also support corporates in Düsseldorf. This involves me in interdisciplinary work: I introduce startups to established companies and startup alumni. One example is the mentoring programme.

Jürgen Gerreser

I am responsible for sector development of the digital economy, innovation and startup support at the Office of Economic Development. In the Startup Unit, I am the contact person for networks, events and digital fairs as well as for the initiative Co-Founder Matching. And what do you do?

Elisabeth Inhester

In the International Business Services team, I support foreign companies already based in Düsseldorf or those interested in setting up a branch here. If you have any questions on setting up your company here, your residence or the location, please feel free to contact me. You are welcome to use English, of course.

Ingo Stefes

I am responsible for the development of the local startup ecosystem. I used to be self-employed in the catering sector and tried to set up a digital startup. I can answer your questions on setting up a startup, on validation, MVP and pitches and can also help you to network with experts.

Christiane Knoll

My role in the Startup Unit is to look after the startups and companies from the creative industries and the fashion industry. I send out all the information on events, fairs and network meetings relating to the creative and fashion scene in Düsseldorf. In addition, I would be happy to introduce you to multipliers, existing companies and innovative startups. We can also talk about funding and cooperation opportunities for your company.

Irina Kordon

I work at the interface between established companies and international startups and am responsible for the "International Startup Booster". I help you explore the local market and make business contacts at our events.

Martin Beckers

I am responsible for press and public relations at the Office of Economic Development and support the Startup Unit, especially during the Startup Week and the activities of the Digital Innovation Hub Düsseldorf/Rhineland. If you have any press releases, award nominations or news, send them to me.

Monika Bosbach

My work in the International Business Service focuses on helping foreign companies to settle in Düsseldorf and providing them with the necessary support. Do you have any questions on setting up a company or residence rights? Then feel free to contact me, in German, English or French.

Do you need any further assistance?

We are the Startup Unit of the Office of Economic Development Düsseldorf and act as a signpost and business enabler for the Düsseldorf startup scene. We would be happy to hear from you!

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