“How to successfully pitch your startup?” with Yasemin Akdemir

Speditionstraße 15A
19:00 - 21:30
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Entrepreneurs have to pitch - tell customers, partners and investors just enough about their business to get them excited to learn more. While this is not a natural skill for many founders, it definitely can be mastered through training and practice.

We all have heard about startups that get financed on the basis of a single, short PowerPoint deck, but those are “unicorn” cases. Most entrepreneurs have to hit the road that’s longer than that. According to TechCrunch study, entrepreneurs must have an average of 40 investor meetings before their call for investment is answered. The same study also reported that the average amount of time investors spend looking at pitchdecks is 3 minutes and 44 seconds, so it’s crucial to make it right.

During this Expat-preneur Talks #10 our guest speaker will be Yasemin Akdemir, Startup Pitch Coach, also known as Die Pitchtrainerin, for training and mentoring entrepreneurs to master their business pitches.

Together with Yasemin we will learn and discover more about the structure of pitchdeck, timing, story-telling, how to communicate value proposition while not losing the focus and more specifically - how to successfully pitch in Germany considering cultural patterns and differences.

19:00-19:30 Networking. Welcome & Hashtag round
19:30-20:10 “How to successfully pitch your startup?” with Yasemin Akdemir, Startup Pitch Coach aka DiePitchtrainerin
20:10-20:20 Q&A
20:20-21:30 Networking

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