Lufthansa FlyingLab | International Startup Pitch

20.03.2021 | 17:00 - 18:00 UHR

veranstaltet von ginNova GmbH and Lufthansa FlyingLab


ginNova GmbH
Wendlohstraße 183
22459 Hamburg



Future of Travel

About this Event

Join us for the International Startup Pitch Finale on Saturday, March 20 showcasing entrepreneurs who address the future of travel across a broad field of topics like sustainability, health & safety, data, or inflight entertainment.

Stay Tuned for the Finalist and Jury Announcement on Tuesday, March 16.

The International Startup Pitch is part of the Lufthansa FlyingLab SXSW Online 2021 presence in cooperation with german.innovation.

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The Lufthansa FlyingLab Team is delighted to partner with german.innovation at this year’s SXSW Online festival. Together we will present talks and companies that are exploring the new ways emerging in Sustainability, Data, and Smart Travel.

Primarily a music and film venue in its early years, SXSW has grown to encompass society’s digital evolution. It is the place where creative minds gather to visualize the future. Lufthansa Innovations has shared in that vision since 2012. In 2017, the first Lufthansa FlyingLab flight dedicated to SXSW took place, bringing together people from the spheres of art, music, and technology.

In March 2020, the now annual SXSW FlyingLab flight was cancelled just days before take-off because of the growing COVID-19 pandemic. Our connected world suddenly felt very disconnected.

Over the past year, the FlyingLab Team has been able to regroup at the FlyingLab Factory, a space designed for collaborative work. We have rethought existing projects, leading to new perspectives on how we can reconnect.

What have we learned? The pandemic has taught us that the isolation necessary to protect everyone’s health does not mean that we stop expressing ourselves. It has proven that creative collaboration flourishes and big ideas are born even at a distance. It has thrown us headfirst into the opportunities that digitalization opens up.

But perhaps most importantly, the pandemic made us aware of something taken for granted in the past: that creativity is carved and polished into a tangible experience only when we gather together in one place.

On behalf of the FlyingLab Team, we look forward to the day when our collaboration is shared in person again: at cruising altitude and on the ground in Austin at SXSW, the global event most receptive to new ways of experiencing the world.

You will receive the link for the online event in time.