KITA X KCC Open Innovation for International Startups

03.12.2021 - 16.12.2021 | 00:00 - 23:59 UHR

veranstaltet von KITA & KCC


Korea International Trade Association (KITA), Brussels Center Avenue Louise 66, 1050 Brussels, Belgium Fon: +32 (0) 2 639 0995 E-Mail:



KITA jointly hosts an Open Innovation Program with KCC, a leading comprehensive fine chemical company that produces construction and industrial materials, paint, and cutting-edge materials.


KCC is ranked No.1 in paints, and building materials industries in South Korea, and recorded annual revenue of $ 1,905 million in 2020.

KCC is involved in the production of paints for automobiles, ships, construction and industrial use. It also manufactures building materials like windows, insulations, and advanced materials for electronic, automotive Industry.

KCC was founded in 1958, and employs 3,529 people and its corporate headquarters are in Seoul, Korea.

To learn more about the company, please visit the official website:


Due Date
2021.12.16, 11:59 pm

Areas of interest:

1. Sustainable Management Business Model

-. Proposal of eco-friendly building materials and building materials recycling business
-. Recovery system for waste solvent
-. Eco-friendly PVC raw materials
-. Hypo-allergenic solvent-free epoxy curing agent
-. Suggestions for new materials for hydrogen fuel cells
-. Other sustainable management business model

2.  New materials using coating and composite material technology
-. Suggestions for lightweight composite materials
ex) Glass fiber reinforcement, Ceramic lightweight material, etc
-. Architectural/Industrial insulation
ex) Inorganic fiber fireproof insulation, etc
-. Suggestions for alternative materials or raw materials for building materials/paints/material industry
-. Other new material business model

3. New Products related to KCC Business
-. Coatings for smart road
ex) Road marking paints supporting self-driving technology,
road coating system to enhance driving safety
-. Eco-friendly binder/resin replacing phenol resin
-. Super hydrophobic & Hydrophilic Coating
-. Eco-friendly antifouling agent / antibacterial agent
– . High-functional adhesives for multi material bonding(metal, non-metal, plastics)
-. Business model utilizing KCC distribution network
-. Systems to decrease inter-floor noise
-. Suggestions for ceramic-related products
-. Other new building materials or paints business


Startups with products (prototypes) / technology related to the areas of interest 1-3.

*All materials submitted by startups should be written in English (Company one-pager, Pitch Deck, Business Proposal, etc)
**Business meetings will be conducted online and in English. Additional translation service will not be provided.

Benefit for selected startups

– PoC with KCC business group
– Business opportunity for joint development, technology transfer, joint-investment

Process of Challenge

Application Deadline: 12.16
Application Result Announcements: 01.11.
1:1 Meet-up: 01.18(subject to change depending on local time by countries)