trivago TechCamp 2019

trivago N.V.
Kesselstraße 5-7
40221 Düsseldorf
09:00 - 05:00
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What is the trivago Tech Camp?

The Tech Camp is a 10-day event aimed at students with programming experience. The goal is to work on a software project in teams of two to five people guided by an experienced mentor from trivago. Throughout the 10 days, students will work on projects that could touch on a variety of topics: mobile development, the web data, connected objects, cloud computing the cloud, DevOps, data-science as well as best development practices. Pauses are used to engage in dialogue and deepen the topics presented.

The idea behind the Tech Camp is to give students the opportunity to learn about important modern technologies while working on real-world projects. Participants will learn a lot about professional software development and working in teams. They will also get the opportunity to meet trivago experts in various fields who can provide insight into how we work. We foster collaboration, not competition.

Our engineers love the challenges that their work presents to them on a daily basis and thrive in our agile environment where they can share their knowledge, learn from others, and work together to solve any problems that arise. We are always looking for ways to share the unique challenges we encounter and we strongly believe in sharing knowledge not only internally, but also with the tech community around the world.