Angular’s new renderer Ivy && Keep Calm and Refactor

trivago N.V.
Kesselstraße 5-7
40221 Düsseldorf
18:00 - 21:00
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We are very grateful to have two awesome talks again. Thanks to our speakers:

Priyanka Kore: https://twitter.com/piyukore06
Martina Kraus: https://twitter.com/MartinaKraus11

@Trivago sponsors us the venue and free drinks. Thank you too.

Both talks will be held in english.

18:00 - 18:30 Entrance and welcome
18:30 - 19:15 Talk: Keep Calm and Refactor
19:30 - 20:15 Talk: Angulars new renderer Ivy
20:15 - 21:00 Socalizing


Keep Calm and Refactor by Priyanka

JavaScript is just amazing for building complex UIs but it's easy to get lost, feel intimidated and feel out of place. We'll look at various patterns from JS-land. Take a step back, understand the abstraction, and see how we can refactor them in a best possible way.

Angular’s new renderer Ivy: a deep into the heart of Angular by Martina Kraus

This talk will introduce you into the core principles of the new renderer Ivy. You will learn about the component factories and injection, the locality principle, how to develop higher order components and many more. All these will be shown by examples. After the talk you will have a basic understanding of how to use the new renderer and all the new options for developing Angular applications.