How to... apply project structure to your start-up

Speditionstraße 15A
14:00 - 18:00
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As part of the 'How to' series from Structured Start this meet-up or w/shop will introduce you to key aspects of the project delivery framework, which help you to save time and money during your product or service development, to plan your product delivery, to identify where you need to focus your attention (the critical path!) and react to any unexpected outcomes thrown at you.

This w/shop is for everyone who wants to deliver their product or service with a more structured approach helping you to identify impacts on your budget and schedule before they happen!

Key aspects we cover:
- Project planning (schedule, cost & quality)
- Project Delivery Framework - Lean - Agile (Scrum) Waterfall & Hybrid
- Communications & Stakeholders
- Risks & Issues

So many new great ideas, so many great people, with a little bit of structure so many great new products and so many successful new companies!

My aim is to enhance your project/product delivery and guide you on your start-up journey to success.

Let’s make it happen!

Speaker, Richard Duncan