Plug and Play Uniper Deep Dive

Uniper HQ
Holzstraße 6
09:30 - 15:00
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Join us as we analyze the cutting edge of startup technology.
A Uniper Deep Dive will give participants the chance to meet with startups that are relevant to their technology interests. This unique event will bring the Plug and Play ecosystem together with a variety of innovators to spur creativity and corporate - startup collaboration.

09:30 AM Registration and Light Breakfast
10:00 AM Welcome by Uniper
10:10 AM Plug and Play, The World's Largest Innovation Platform
10:25 AM DXC Technologies, Collaborating with Startups
10:45 AM Break
10:55 AM Startup Pitches
11:35 PM Lunch and Networking
12:35 PM Startup Dealflow (Invitation Only)
03:00 Wrap-up