"Immersive Storytelling" by Steve Johnson, founder SeeBoundless

Bennigsen-Platz 1D
18:00 - 19:30
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As 360-degree cameras and VR systems become increasingly popular among media consumers, we take a deep dive into what makes an immersive story, how to plan your audiences’ experiences and what storytelling tools are being used today by industry leaders to take audiences to new places and learn through place-based storytelling.

Bio: Steve Johnson is a photojournalist, professor and entrepreneur leading the charge in immersive storytelling across news organizations, non profits and universities.

His company, Boundless works tirelessly innovating news gathering practices, rewriting university courses to include immersive storytelling and finding new ways for audiences to learn about the world around them.

His work in 2016 with 360-degree video has taken audiences inside of glaciers to better understand climate change, to the aftermath of Ft. McMurray experiencing the devastating effects of one of Canada’s worst wildfires and paddling through the Puget Sound with Native American tribes to better understand healthcare needs among Indian country.

Working with fellow journalists to write the manual on immersive storytelling, he has developed standards and practices, ethics guidelines and tools that are used among news organizations and universities nation-wide.

His stories can be found in the pages and websites of The Washington Post, Reuters, European Pressphoto Agency and The New York Times.

Steve is also on the advisory board of Journalism 360 an initiative created by the Knight Foundation and Google News Lab to jump start the journalism industry into immersive storytelling.

Boundless: Through design, production and distribution, Boundless works with non-profits, foundations and news organizations to share, educate and change through storytelling. It is our belief that stories do not have to be limited by their medium; they can and should be the most valuable tools for the discovery of unknowns.