The first 10 min. in (Python|Rust |Kotlin|JavaScript|PHP)

Bennigsen-Platz 1
18:30 - 23:00
Anmeldung erforderlich hier

We like to invite you to our monthly meetup at the trivago tower in Düsseldorf. In February, we will have a look into the first 10 min. of setting up a project in (Python|Rust|Kotlin|JavaScript|PHP).

Everyone knows the hassle. Getting up and running a project with a new language. What are the best practices? How does the dependency management works? How to include external packages or lint your project? The rules per language:
• Max. 15 min. per language(!)
• Present best practices to setup a new project for the language
• Present one fact out of the language/tooling internals
• Make fun of one quirk of the language/tooling

Languages we will face:
• Python (by Simon Brüggen)
• Rust (by Matthias Endler)
• Kotlin (by Mario Müller)
• JavaScript (by Bogdan Lazar)
• Go or PHP or JavaScript or Suggest a language (by Looking for a Speaker)

• 18:30 - 19:00: Arrival, get your first drink, pizza and socialising
• 19:10 - ~19:25: First language
• 19:30 - ~19:45: Second language
• 19:50 - ~20:05: Third language
• 20:10 - ~20:25: Fourth language
• 20:30 - ~20:45: Fifth language
• 20:45 - Open End: Socialising

This meetup is for free. W-Lan, beer and non alcoholic drinks are available (for free as well!) and we like to see you there :)

Important to know:
• Language of the event: English
• W-Lan: Available
• Costs: No costs
• Drinks: Available