28.02.2020 - 29.02.2020 | 9:00 - 12:30 UHR

veranstaltet von Vodafone mit Chatbot Summit & digihub


Vodafone GmbH Campus
Ferdinand-Braun-Platz 1
40549 Düsseldorf
Tel.: +49 211 5330


Vodafone SkyLounge @Vodafone GmbH Campus
Ferdinand-Braun-Platz 1
40549 Düsseldorf

What is TOBi

TOBi is currently one of the largest customer services chatbot implementations in the world.  TOBi has launched in 15 Vodafone markets and is deployed on Web, App, Messaging (such as Whatsapp, FB Messenger, RCS, ABC) and on voice (IVR, Google Home and Alexa). Our goal is TOBi Everywhere, in every market, on every channel, speaking every language.

As we work to bring TOBi to more customers, we want to work with you, our talented community, to help innovate further.

Who should attend?

This is open to everyone. We are looking for a broad mix within teams to drive business value, amazing user experiences and dialogues, immersive UI and top-quality functionality. Typical roles may include:

  •  Business creatives

  •  Thought leaders

  •  Designers/Creatives

  •  Conversational designs (chatbots)

  •  UI designers

  •  UX designers

  •  And LOTS of developers, developers, developers

Why you should attend? 

  • Come and learn more about Vodafone’s future as a technology communication company, and how TOBi is instrumental in our digital-first strategy around automation;

  • Join our community and network with like-minded individuals, helping carve out the future of TOBi.

  • Amazing prizes!

Why are we running the Hackathon?

We want to gather insights and fresh ideas that explore how:

  • We can transition TOBi so that it can help build customer rapport and become their trusted companion;

  • We can take TOBi to the next level and help build customer loyalty;

  • We can use TOBi to personalise a customer’s journey based on what they need;

  • We can add value through pro-active/personalised machine-learning artificial intelligence;

  • We can introduce gamification to increase volume and interaction;

  • We can increase the volume of conversations and improve customer satisfaction.

Take part and win one of our amazing prizes!

  • An exclusive VIP tour through our 5G Lab

  • Keep an eye with what you love with V-Camera

  • ESL Weekend Ticket Pass 2020 in Cologne

  • Chatbot Summit tickets

How to win? 

The output expectation would be a 10 minute presentation demonstrating the overall concept along with a working demo/prototype.  The criteria would be:

  • Concept: how original is the idea?

  • Business impact: how does this save cost, increase TOBi volume or improve customer satisfaction?

  • Design: the quality of the UI, UX and conversation flow.

  • Tech: how much has been coded/implemented for the mini POC?

  • Team: how well the team has worked together during the hackathon?

  • Presentation: innovative communication skills to demonstrate your solution.

Prerequisite to join the event

  • Bring your own laptop to the event

  • Event language is English

  • Come with some prepared idea