“How to ensure GDPR compliance for your startup?” with Ray Migge

10.12.2019 | 19:00 - 21:30 UHR

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GDPR, being the core of Europe’s digital privacy legislation, affects all of us – as individuals, and more so – as entrepreneurs and business owners. Whether you’re just about to get started or already launched, but not sure if everything’s in order, then look no further.

How to manage user’s data in a transparent and accountable way? What should be included in Imprint and Privacy Policy on website? How to design data lifecycle in a minimalistic and responsible way? These and many other questions we will try to answer during this event.

During this Expat-preneur Talks #12 our guest speaker will be Ray Migge, Partner at corum Rechtsanwälte, Düsseldorf-based legal office helping individuals and businesses within legal areas of IT, intellectual property and other laws. Together with Ray we will learn and discover more about GDPR for startups and how to ensure compliance.

19:00-19:30 Networking. Welcome & Hashtag round
19:30-20:10 “How to ensure GDPR compliance for your startup?” with Ray Migge, Partner at corum Rechtsanwälte
20:10-20:20 Q & A
20:20-21:30 Networking

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